Cherry Almond Shampoo BB 1000ml


Cherry Almond Shampoo BB 1000ml hair care product is a shampoo containing cherry and almond extracts, especially aimed at nourishing and softening the hair.

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Cherry Almond Shampoo BB 1000ml

While cherry extract adds shine to the hair, almond extract deeply moisturizes the hair and helps prevent breakage and damage. The pH balance of this shampoo is formulated to suit hair and scalp health.


  • Wet your hair thoroughly before using the shampoo. Take a sufficient amount in your palm and lather by distributing it evenly throughout your hair. Gently massage your scalp to ensure that the shampoo penetrates thoroughly into the hair roots.
  • After completely removing the shampoo from your hair, moisturize with a conditioner suitable for your hair type and needs.