Nutriplenish Nourishing Hair Care Oil 30ml 018084015810


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Pre-shampoo care cure: For moisturizing care, pour the oil into your hand and apply to dry hair from root to tip before shampooing; Rinse with shampoo; Leave-in care cure: Apply evenly to towel-dried hair for moisturizing and shine and style as you wish; Post-styling shine: From middle to end. Apply to properly dry hair; Overnight moisture mask: Apply to hair from root to tip for deep hydration; Do not rinse; Rinse with shampoo in the morning; Moisturizing scalp massage; Not tested on animals; Vegan; Aveda's cocoa, certified organic ginger, cardamom and other pure flower and Own pure-fume™ aroma containing plant extracts;Suitable for use on all hair textures;Formulated for dry hair;*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water;”


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